Pizza Camp 2017 kicks off with a Pizza Burger BBQ hosted by Burger Fetish which is basically the Twin Cities’ burger fan’s answer to MPLS Pizza Club.  Matty Tucker is the man behind the Burger Fetish blog, a “burger-loving journey in the Twin Cities and other places, but mostly Minnesota. It’s the meat between the buns.”  We sat down with him to get the scoop:

Burger Fetish has been around for about two years.  Matty shoots burger photos, reviews burgers, and makes burgers in his free time and adds him to his blog and Instagram.  It all started when he wanted to start writing about food and felt inspired by burgers.  “I started realizing there were many, many burgers around town I wanted to try, so I was going to make that part of the blog… and it quickly became the whole blog,” Matty told us.  Burger Fetish is Matty, but Matty is Burger Fetish and more. “My life revolves around food. I cook at a Japanese restaurant, and I’m also an avid home cook. This time of year, I’m up to my ears in market-fresh veggies to pickle, and I love rescuing and reseasoning vintage cast iron. I read cookbooks, and magazines about food, and love exploring our ever-growing food scene. And writing about it, of course.”  Out of this passion, Burger Fetish was built.

So where’s a burger fan to go in a town like this? Matty’s Advice: Don’t miss South Minneapolis’ Revival for one of the best burgers in town.  Where else? Matty’s a night owl who recommends going to Nightingale in Uptown if it’s late in the day.  If he’s “feeling nasty”, he heads to Five Guys for a greasy burger fix.  And if you’re in a rush or on a budget, why not White Castle? “I don’t actually have any shame about this, but lots of people seem appalled by my complete adoration of White Castle,” Matty confided when we asked if he had any guilty pleasure stops around town.

We asked Matty what his first memory of a “Burger” was?  This guy’s been eating burgers for as long as he can remember, but he does have a “specific memory of  ‘graduating’ from the happy meal to a Big Mac,” he explained, “I was probably 10 or 11 at the time.  My mom got them for my sister and me, and she took the middle bun out because it was still technically too big for us, but I loved it. If I’m having a bad day, or I’m just feeling nostalgic, I get a Big Mac. I am now capable of eating the middle bun.”

Let’s dream big for a minute.  What’s your food fantasy? Ours was a Pizza Camp. We wanted to combine our love for Pizza, Parties, and Nature.  Matty’s is another New York City Burger Tour, “I ate 17 burgers when I was in New York, and I could easily eat 17 completely different burgers in New York, but I’d probably revisit a few favorites. There isn’t a better burger town than New York City.”  Maybe it’s time for Scott’s Pizza Tours to add a Burger Branch in NYC. Want to impress Mr. Burger Fetish? Make him the burger of his dreams! “I love a thick, griddled patty with American cheese on a squishy bun, but my dream burger is one that I haven’t had yet, that I’m not expecting, that not only tastes completely wonderful but teaches me something.”

Alright, alright. But what about Pizza? Isn’t this a Pizza Camp? Does Matty Even like Pizza?

Of course, he does! He’s not a monster. Pizza might be down his favorite food’s list behind dumplings, Chinese food, tacos, and burgers — but it’s in the mix. When we asked him where he wanted to meet up for a slice, he invited us to join him at Black Sheep Pizza on Eat Street.  This is his usual spot. We asked what his favorite spot in the city was and he told us he’s all about everything Young Joni is doing. “That place is insanely wonderful.”  So yeah, he loves pizza when it’s done right.  And get this, he’s even designed a PIZZA BURGER for all of us at Pizza Camp.

Wanna stay home and make your own burger? Remember these Burger Fetish tips:

“Use lots of salt. More than you think. Frighten people with how much salt you’re using. It’s obviously possible to put too much salt on, but you’re a lot further from that point than you think.”


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