Capture The ‘Za

Grown-Up Club

We’re partnering with Grown-Up Club for CAPTURE THE ‘ZA at Pizza Camp 2014. These guys are pretty much the coolest, and we can’t even begin to cover it, so we’ll let them tell you in their own words:

What’s up with you guys?
Grown-up Club works to connect and empower wayward adults through a diverse monthly event series. We aim to keep our club accessible, participatory, and ridiculous.
In the past we’ve hosted a Singles Exchange — where participants played matchmaker by giving powerpoint presentations on their single friends, High & Tell — where presenters showcased ‘altered state’ creations, a sexy underwear craft night, a stand-up comedy night, and a live board game demonstration. Most recently we partnered with the Walker to play recess games in the sculpture garden.

If you could eat pizza while playing any game what would it be? What kind of pizza would it be?
I would eat a thin-crust cheese pizza sliced into squares (also known as party cut or tavern cut) while playing a game of Tetris. I would reward myself after getting tetrises with a pizza square.

What do you have planned for Pizza Camp?
We have lightly-competitive outdoor physical activities in store. We will be playing Capture the ‘Za, which is a pizza spin on a schoolyard classic. Two teams, Team Pepperoni and Team Cheese, will compete to seize the most pizzas from their opponent to claim everlasting glory.
What should we wear?
Wear clothes that make you feel powerful while running, capturing, and sneaking. Think: favorite sweatbands, fast footwear, flashlights, and thistle-proof sashes.

How should we train?
— Start your training by eating as much pizza as you can prior to Pizza Camp. Quantity is important but also challenge yourself by experimenting with pizzas that you might find intimidating, like bagel bites or Papa Johns. Imagine this next week as one long carbo-load. I crafted a Pizza Camp advent calendar where I try a new pizza running up to the twelve days prior to camp.
— Do you have an emergency contact? Now is a good time to choose someone trustworthy who we can contact in case if you die while playing Capture the ‘Za. You probably won’t die playing Capture the ‘Za but you might get winded.
— Hydrate.
— Make a Pizza Camp advent calendar (see above)
— We will be playing at night, so familiarize yourself with using a flashlight. Practice turning it on and and then off.
— Select a battle cry. Your battle cry should be something that you are fighting for or something that makes your feel powerful. My battle cry is “naps”.