Dogwood Coffee CO: Official Coffee Partner of Pizza Camp

Pizza Camp is proud to announce Dogwood Coffee Co as our local Coffee Partner.

That’s right! Dogwood in the Wilderness! Dogwood Coffee Company is a small, quality-focused roaster based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Winnipeg, Manitoba. You might already know Dogwood from visiting one of their two beautiful Minneapoils coffee bars on East Lake Street or in Uptown at Calhoun Square.  Their goods are real good: thoughtfully sourced and carefully processed for the highest quality of coffee beans around.  Plus, if you happen to take any cool pictures of you with your coffee while at Pizza Camp, you can hashtag them with  #dogwoodcoffeewildernessclub and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card towards their webstore.  If you’ve got a Pizza Camp ticket, you can look forward to getting to enjoying a cup or two of freshly brewed Dogwood Coffee with your pancake breakfast.

We got a chance to interview the Dogwood internet mascot, Yirgy the Border Collie about his favorite local Pizza:

e13ea23f1c3319ef1678045b9cd0cc7fYirgy supervises operations and assists in the olfactory evaluation of products, so he’s got a pretty good nose.  What’s his pizza advice? Pizza with ALL THE MEAT is the best. Just make sure to not put green peppers because GROSS.  Also, please don’t put any onions on his pizza, because dogs shouldn’t eat onions.  He really likes going to the Minnehaha Falls dog park and would be pretty excited about eating pizza there too, but if he got toheavypizzabreath eat pizza in the wilderness anywhere, it’d probably be Itasca State Park. And Pizza Camp, if we allowed dogs, of course.  Yirgy says the Dogwood team seems to like get Pizza from Pizza Luce the most, so we guess that’s what he recommends.  He says it’s super delicious and suits everyone’s various diets. We agree! Pizza Luce is really good about offering tasty menu items to vegetarians, vegans, and gluten free customers while still delivering on the classic staples like supreme pizzas and chicken wings. Extra pro tip? Yirgy says the pizza pairs pretty well with some Indeed brews and a few good games of ping pong.