Geno’s Meatballs

Geno's Gelato

Hey Pizza Campers, have you heard of Geno’s Gelato? We’re ever grateful and inspired by these classy folks and their delicious treats. They’re expanding this weekend and launching a line of special Meatballs and we’ve invited them to put their balls on our pizza. Since their launch is the same weekend as Pizza Camp, it’s decidedly fate. Don’t know about Geno’s? Want to know more about this awesome topping? If you can’t make it to Pizza Camp on Saturday, or you just can’t get enough meatballs, go try them at the launch party on Sunday at Spill the Wine in Uptown (they only have six tickets left)! We asked them to tell us a little bit more about themselves and the story behind their new menu item:

“Geno’s Gelato started a couple of years ago simply as a passing idea. Over time that idea gained more and more momentum and eventually we hit the streets of Minneapolis in June of this year! At Geno’s Gelato, we want to create foods that are not only authentic and delicious, but fresh and inventive. Our products are handcrafted in small batches, and assembled with the freshest local ingredients we can find.

This summer has been an exciting adventure filled with Gelato, Cannoli, Italian Ice, countless hours in the kitchen and over 100 miles on the bike. It’s been non-stop fun! We wanted to build on our momentum and find new ways to bring our Italian family traditions to everyone that has supported us so far. Everything on our menu stems from authentic family recipes – sometimes with the occasional twist. Finding a good meatball can be tough – so crafting affordable, organic, easy to heat batches that you can keep in your freezer was something we just couldn’t resist. Plus we are guessing that when it’s 20 below in January we most likely won’t be out peddling our gelato around…but meatballs…that might be a different story!

When we asked for the treasured recipe for great-grandmother Mafalda’s meatballs, family told us, “well…you just season it until it tastes like a meatball!” At Geno’s, we’ve done that, and we take pride in our recipe, knowing that it’s one our grandparents could taste and say “now THAT’S a meatball!” Made with organic, grass-fed beef, and fresh herbs and spices, our meatballs are a handcrafted alternative to the fillers and chemicals so often seen in supermarket brands.”

Sounds good to us! See you this weekend. Pizza Camp 2014!