Get To Know The Partners Behind Pizza Camp 2015

Pizza Camp 2015 would not be possible without support from our community partners. We’d like to thank Parkway Pizza for support lunch at Pizza Camp, Bauhaus Brew Labs for letting us start Pizza Camp there and being beer partner, Dogwood Coffee for keeping us amped from eating too much za, The Herbivorous Butcher for the stellar vegan products and MPLS Band Shirts for printing all of the Pizza Camp T-Shirts. Below get to know some of our other partners who will be involved with dinner at Pizza Camp.


GRLK Sauce

Describe Grlk Sauce in 20 words or less.
I can do you one better. This is what a customer told me after tasting Grlk. “Wow, I don’t need half the stuff in my fridge anymore. Its just that good”

When did Grlk Sauce start?
The concept of garlic sauce started with my dads’ mom in Lebanon. So I grew up with garlic sauce on the table but I didn’t create Grlk until 2014. I wasn’t completely happy with my job and I have always wanted to start my own business, so I did.

What are Grlk Sauce’s plans for 2016?
2016 will be a big year for Grlk. I am pushing hard to be in more retail stores and I am working on developing new flavors an a hummus line as well.

Where can people find Grlk Sauce?
At the moment, grlk can be found at the Linden Hills Farmers Market and NE Farmers Market, plus at the River Market Community Co-Op on Stillwater. Also, you can order Grlk online at and I will personally deliver your order rain/snow/or shine.

How many garlic cloves go into a jar of Grlk Sauce?
Since the garlic cloves come in all shapes and sizes, it isn’t exact but a jar has about 1oz of garlic in it, meaning about 6-10 cloves

What would be on your dream pizza?
I am a priest at heart, so just really good dough, simple tomato sauce, mozzarella and some Cotto (ham)

If you could eat pizza with anyone, anywhere – who would it be, where would it be, and why?
Hmm…I would have to pick…that is a tough question. I would have to pick Warren Buffet or Jimmy Carter. Warren cause he can give me business advice and possible a loan to make Grlk a staple in everyone fridge. Carter because he just seems so darn interesting and fun to be around. Plus I am sure he has some killer stories about the White House. Where would we eat our pizza? Anywhere, really. Pizza is good in almost any location and situation.

Grlk Sauce is on Facebook.

K-Mama Sauce

K-Mama Sauce

Describe K-Mama Sauce in 20 words or less.
A Korean-mom inspired sauce that is a bit sweet, complex, spicy, and goes on everything.

When did K-Mama Sauce start?
We launched March, 2015.

What are K-Mama Sauce’s plans for 2016?
For 2016: We are very close already in producing commercial-ready version of our sauce and we have the interest from restaurants to be sourcing them our sauce. We’re working on a Gluten-Free version. We would also like to be on the shelves of co-ops, specialty shops, and groceries around the metro, as well as, the North/Midwest region. We especially would like to start expanding to the Chicagoland area.

Where can people find K-Mama Sauce?
Currently, we are selling at Shoreview Farmers Market (Tues), Maple Grove FM (Thurs), and Northeast FM (Sat) and will continue to do so throughout the winter with indoor markets. We also sell out of our location (Church of All Nations) once/twice a month, and have pickup orders/deliver within the metro/ship in MN. Our website is the place for ordering (

Is this sauce like the one your mother made?
Our sauce is very much like the my mother’s sauce I grew up eating at home. My mother was out here a few months ago, and she gave it two thumbs up. She is the harshest critic, but she loved our sauce. When we were at the market together, she loved the fact that everyone was eating and loving our (her) sauce.

What would be on your dream pizza?
I would have two options for a dream pizza: healthy – arugula, green and red peppers, sliced heirloom tomatoes, grilled onions, coined fingerling potatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese. Unhealthy – kalbi (korean bbq) with a non-pungent cheese, extra buttery dough to soak up the bbq juice.

If you could eat pizza with anyone, anywhere – who would it be, where would it be, and why?
I would want to eat with either Robert De Niro or Al Pacino in a small hole-in-wall pizza shop in Little Italy (NYC). I’m originally from the NJ/NYC area and they are my favorite Italian mobsters. Also, I’m part Italian (jk).

K-Mama Sauce is on Facebook and Instagram

Nuclear Nectar

Nuclear Nectar
Describe Nuclear Nectar in 20 words or less.
Nuclear Nectar is all about capturing the fruit out of the hot pepper (the Nectar) while retaining the heat (the Nuclear) and using the heat to elevate flavor without ever burning out the palate. More versatile than Sriracha I tells ya.

When did Nuclear Nectar start?
Nuclear Nectar was launched in the summer of 2014. Since then, we’ve been steadily spicing up the twin cities and converting many to the HOT life, one palate at a time.

What are Nuclear Nectar’s plans for 2016?
Expect Nuclear Nectar to continue spicing up the twin cities–more restaurant condiment caddies, and more shelves. Also, keep the tongues peeled for more special reserve variety releases (other sauces, Nuclear salsa, Nuclear krauts, Nuclear rubs, etc.) Live HOT!

Where can people find Nuclear Nectar?
Good spicy folks can find the nectar at all co-ops throughout the twin cities metro area, a few specialty grocers, some restaurant/food truck condiment caddies throughout the twins, farmers markets, and Pizza Camp baby.

Who drew the logo for Nuclear Nectar?
I drew that silly damn cartoon. Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m Mr. Fuzz or Mr. Fuzz is me, but you get FUZZED by the heat!

What would be on your dream pizza?
My dream pie is a nice Neapolitan/New York style pie with good crispy exterior/soft succulent interior, yeast leavened dough, San Marzano red sauce, low moisture mozzarella, topped with a good craft cured spicy Soppressata (let’s get Red Table on that one!), fresh basil atop after the pie leaves the wood fire oven, and a hot icing of nuclear nectar to ignite the experience without burning out the palate. Put it on it! I’d be more than happy to enjoy this over a sky-five at Bauhaus.

If you could eat pizza with anyone, anywhere – who would it be, where would it be, and why?
Over said pie at said venue, I’d love to talk with Michel Gondry about working on a hand drawn cat cartoon video featuring music made entirely out of the recorded sounds of a cat’s meows that I made (yea I beat ELP to it long before his ‘Mew the Jewels’ shenanigans.).

Nuclear Nectar is on Facebook and Twitter.

No Coast Pie Co

NoCoast Pies

Describe NoCoast Pie Co in 20 words or less.
NoCoast Pie Co. makes classic and modern pies using real ingredients and the best produce the season has to offer.

When did NoCoast Pie Co start?
NoCoast Pie Co started in March of this year (on Pi Day, no less!)

What No Coast Pie Co’s plans for 2016?
Look for us at the NE Winter Market at Norseman Distillery and at events and festivals around town next summer.

Where can people find No Coast Pie Co?
We sell at the NE Farmers Market on Saturdays, and can do special orders and catering. Just email us! We’ll also have the Thanksgiving pie order form up on our website very soon.

Have you ever considered a savory Pizza Pie with a sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni filling
Oh man, wouldn’t that be good? I’m currently developing some savory pie recipes and will keep that in mind!

What would be on your dream pizza?
Burrata, mission figs, balsamic drizzle, arugula, and caramelized onions.

If you could eat pizza with anyone, anywhere – who would it be, where would it be, and why?
At a big pizza party at the South Pole while watching the aurora australis with all the scientists, weirdos, and penguins who live down there. Because only piping hot pizza could make that moment more magical.

NoCoast Pie Co is on Instagram and Facebook.