Meet Your Pizza Camp Counselors: Grown-Up Club


Pizza Camp is brought to you by two groups: Minneapolis Pizza Club and Grown-Up Club.

GUC_logo_transparent_HeaderWhat the heck is Grown-Up Club? It’s offbeat adults participating in absurd events.  The club is all about creativity, collaboration, and community – similar to Pizza Camp, except they meet monthly around the Twin Cities, and the events are a mix of intellectual, humorous, crafty, and active.  For example, one month might be a singles exchange where friends meet at the Bryant Lake Bowl to provide goofy power-point presentations on why you might want to date one of their eligible single friends, and the next month might be a giant Capture the Flag game at the Walker Art Center.

Meet Regan, Taylor, and Tim.  These three are fun-makers and driving force behind Grown-Up Club. These three super babes attended our first ever Pizza Camp in 2014 as campers and kick-the-can leaders, and came to us with an assortment of incredible ideas for Pizza Camp 2015.  We’re so glad to bring them on as our partners this year, and I think you’re going to really enjoy the surprises they’ve got planned.

Regan Smith aka Lil ‘Roni



Straight out of the exotic lands of Saint Paul, Regan is a local copywriter by day and a short-fiction writer by night. You might have seen her work in The Hairpin, BuzzFeed, Revolver, Minnesota Monthly, the Star Tribune, and Minnpost. She also co-founded one our favorite local literary arts magazines, Paper Darts. If you like funny and/or gross stuff, you’ll love her awkwardly personal Microsoft Paint comics which she’s been self-publishing on her website at We’re huge fans.

Regan’s favorite pizza is super cheesy pizza with light sauce. We’re putting her in charge of keeping order at Pizza Camp because she’s not afraid to throw a slice. Her first pizza memory is throwing a slice of pizza in her sister’s face which she totally probably absolutely deserved. Actually, her biggest pizza dream involves a certain pizza chain King. Regan’s goal is to “throw a slice of his garbage pizza in his dumb, conservative face.” Much to our disappointment, Papa John has not yet RSVPed YES to Pizza Camp, so we’ll have to work on this goal for next year.

Wanna hang with Regan at Pizza Camp? Embrace your inner Katniss and join her during her favorite camp activity, Archery, which we can verify she rules at. Looking for a hot topic? You might want to discuss tips for coveting dogs, traveling to your parent’s house to do laundry, embarrassing moments in job interviews that actually work out, your favorite Costco products, or the enigma of Treatzza Pizza.


Taylor Baldry aka Square Slice

campstaffcircles_0008_Layer 5

Taylor’s a local artist who graduated from MCAD and a community organizer.  His work has been featured on NPR, in GOOD Magazine, the Star Tribune, MinnPost, Pollen, the Walker Art Center, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  He is also the guy-in-the-apron/curator of the Sunday Service Oatmeal Counter at our favorite neighborhood coffee spot, Five Watt. Have you been there? It’s a really nice way to spend a Sunday. Last time we went, he gave us a Tarot card describing our bleak futures and we drew with colored pencils in his guest book — it felt like a good preview to some of the upcoming Pizza Camp 2015, so in addition to be a camp counselor, he’ll also be curating our pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

Once, when Taylor was a kid, his family went to Pizza Hut and his mom asked the waitress,”What kind of brown pop do you have?” This question has been burned into Taylor’s memory ever since, like the first bite of too-fresh pizza. His dream pizza scenario is a year exploring space and eating pizza and listening to ZZ Top with Captain Picard on the Starship Enterprise. There’s probably some brown soda available in the that scenario too.

Last year, Taylor’s favorite Pizza Camp activity was Archery, but this year he’s looking forward to the bus ride and trying out our new pizza oven. You’ll probably find him wherever the freshest hottest pizza is, because that’s what he’s after. How do you break the ice with Taylor? Invite him to Instagram fart drawings (his favorite hobby) with you or tell him about your favorite board game and you’ll be fast friends.

Tim Lovett aka Kid Sausage

campstaffcircles_0006_Layer 4

Tim is from the Twin Cities. That’s right, both of ’em. When he’s not making balloon animals or dreaming about eating Pizza Slices in a private summit with Obama and Putin, he’s working at one of the hippest law firms in town.  He’s not an attorney though, so don’t call him if you go to jail. Actually, still call him if you go to jail, he’s full of all kinds of wisdom and skills that may help you escape.  When dreaming of his private presidential pizza summit, Tim wonders, “Does Obama use a fork and knife? Would he have a napkin in his lap?” We’ve got to admit, we’re curious about how Obama eats pizza too. I bet he doesn’t eat his crusts. At this rate, we think Tim might get his dream date – he’s as worthy of eating pizza with Obama as anyone is.

As for a lot of us growing up in the nineties, something happened on a TV screen that would change Tim’s life forever. If it wasn’t for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze, Tim would probably have never known about pizza. After watching those wacky mutant turtles go crazy for some cheesy pie, he just had to know what all they hype was about. His first choice was a Godfather’s Pizza, but that’s not his favorite, which is actually some sort of spicy jalapeño calzone from Galesburg, Illinois. Are calzones even pizza? You’ll have to bring this up with him.

Want to cut loose with Tim at Pizza Camp? Join him in a knot-tying workshop, building the bonfire, sneaking away to the secret party bunker, or finding the perfect walking stick — the noblest of pursuits. What to impress him? Be among the first to learn to the Pizza Camp Oath, share your screenname, ask him about his favorite ninja turtle, or tell him about the time you took your motorcycle on the Silk Road, which just happens to be his dream trip.