Introducing our Pizza Camp 2015 Chef & Menu:

Last year at pizza camp, the campers were the chefs.  We had a crazy topping buffet line with a hundred toppings and even more combination choices.  It was incredible, but it also resulted in a long line of people waiting at the oven – anxious to cook their individual pies, and everyone having to eat

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Dogwood Coffee CO: Official Coffee Partner of Pizza Camp

Pizza Camp is proud to announce Dogwood Coffee Co as our local Coffee Partner. That’s right! Dogwood in the Wilderness! Dogwood Coffee Company is a small, quality-focused roaster based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Winnipeg, Manitoba. You might already know Dogwood from visiting one of their two beautiful Minneapoils coffee bars on East Lake Street or

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Capture The ‘Za

We’re partnering with Grown-Up Club for CAPTURE THE ‘ZA at Pizza Camp 2014. These guys are pretty much the coolest, and we can’t even begin to cover it, so we’ll let them tell you in their own words: What’s up with you guys? Grown-up Club works to connect and empower wayward adults through a diverse

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