Finally, though, someone has come to their senses and created an adult camp that we can all get behind—even those of us who hated summer camp. We’re talking about a camp that neither panders to our sad sense of self nor tries to convince us that our glory days are long gone. We’re talking about Pizza Camp.—VICE

This Pizza Camp For Adults Looks Like Heaven On Earth—Huffington Post

If you’re looking to take your love of pizza to the next level, we have just the thing for you: Pizza sleepaway camp!—Refinery29

Thinking about summer camp, you probably think hiking, swimming, capture the flag, and gross camp food. But what if we told you there was a camp where the food was the focus? And that food was PIZZA. Such a dream exists and, even better news, it’s for adults only.—Delish

If you love pizza just as much as you love avoiding the realities of adulthood, you might want to put your dollar slice down for a moment and pay attention. Apparently, there’s an event called “Pizza Camp” in Minneapolis that lets you relive the glorious memories of your childhood while crushing pies on pies of pizza.—Elite Daily

And now, finally, there’s an event that celebrates our lives as pizza-obsessed adulting failures.—Metro UK

An overnight summer camp for adults where all you do is munch on mountains of gooey cheese, sauce, and bread in the woods.—First We Feast

Pizza Camp: it’s a real thing. And for fans of the Italian staple (anyone who possesses both a pulse and taste buds), this new overnight getaway is the next best thing to join the metro area’s event and entertainment scene. — Minnesota Monthly

Pizza Camp: The latest stroke of genius from two Twin Cities nightlife ninjas — Star Tribune

Pizza Camp for Adults is a Thing Now, and Here’s Where to Find It — BRAVO

Pizza, drinks, friends and nature … what’s better than that?! Extra Cheese, Please! — AOL

Let’s be honest: An overnight pizza camp is the best thing you’ve heard of in ages. — BUSTLE

Move over, pizza farm. We know your love of pizza runs deep, but how deep? So deep that you’re willing to spend the night with it? Like all night, and then wake up in the morning, no awkwardness at all because, hey, you’ve already professed your love and this is what grownups do? — CityPages

Mom, I’m having fun at Pizza Camp — PMQ Pizza Magazine

Camp Marinara, we hold you in our hearts. — The Daily Meal 

An Adults-Only Summer Camp for Pizza Lovers? Take our Money. —Inside Hook

What I Learned During My Weekend At Pizza Camp — Paste Magazine

There is a Pizza Sleepaway Camp for Adults Because We All Refuse to Grow Up — Food & Wine Magazine

Hey guys, there’s a pizza-themed sleepaway camp for adults.  I don’t know what this but I need it today. — Crave

Welcome to Pizza Camp, where it’s all about the pie. — The Tasting Table

Adult Sleepaway Pizza Camp is the real deal. — MSN

Do you miss the camp of your childhood? Or did you miss it altogether and never go?


forget your worries because Pizza Camp has come along to sate you with a kid-free camp, beer, pizza, and other camp activities. — CityPages

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle wet dream — Business Insider

There’s a pizza themed camp for adults and we really want to go.  — Metro (UK)

The love of pizza knows no limits. And some are willing to do anything to express theirs! This is the case of a band of pizza worshipers from Minnesota , USA. — Club Sandwhich (France)

And if you ask me, this might be the best thing that has ever happened to outdoor activities.— Foodbeast

Get your cheesy camp songs ready, because there is a real-life pizza sleepaway camp for adults in this world, and it’s about to go down.— Cities97

There is a Pizza Camp for Adults and We Want to Go to There. — Cooking Panda

Does the perfect crispy crust with melted mozzarella goodness haunt your dreams at night? If so, you might have a pizza addiction. Thankfully, there is now a place to unleash your pizza obsession. It’s called Pizza Camp and it’s pretty ‘effing awesome.  — Classpass

Pizza Camp is an Overnight Camp for Adults Who Love the Cheesy Dish — TRENDHUNTER

The adult camp is for those who not only love pizza, but want to immerse themselves in the pizza lifestyle and hang out with like-minded individuals. — That’s Nerdalicious

There is a Pizza Themed Camp for Adults and It Looks AMAZING  — Newscrusher

The idea is simple – it’s all the stuff you would normally get up to at summer camp but with an emphasis on pizza too. — SickChirpse

FYI, There’s a Pizza-themed Sleepaway Camp for Adults and It’s Everything We’ve Ever Wanted — Guff

Unfortunately Pizza Camp is not on every weekend and only happens once a year — PapaVines

Our prayers have been answered. A Pizza Camp for Adults now exists! — Encyclopizzeria

You guys want to go to Pizza Camp? — Pizza Club Chicago

As if simply going to sleepaway camp as an adult isn’t enough — Travel + Leisure

What if I told you that there was a magical place where all you did was eat pizza and engage in fun activities reminiscent of your childhood? — PostGradProblems

Discover the Adult Camp in Minnesota You’ll Actually Want to go to — Travelers Today

It’s pizza camp. Count me in. — Betches


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